Gods Unchained Launches on the Epic Games Store – NFT Plazas

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Bastion of Web3 trading card gaming, Gods Unchained, has just supercharged its user experience by launching on the Epic Games Store. As a result, making the no-holds-barred card dueling platform easily accessible to over 230 million gamers worldwide.

The move comes as Gods Unchained shifts its focus towards simplifying its onboarding experience in order to appeal to a mainstream audience. The first step of which, has seen it debut on one of the most popular games launchers in the world, one that most importantly, has emerged as an outspoken advocate of NFT technology.

Going forwards, the award-winning game from the Immutable fleet of Web3 tech, will sit side by side with industry goliaths like Magic: The Gathering and Hearthstone in terms of accessibility. Effectively, casting off the shackles of its previous onboarding experience, and gaining an honorable position among the casual gaming market.

Thrilled to announce that our very own award-winning TCG @GodsUnchained has officially launched on @EpicGames!

This enables easier access to Gods Unchained for the vast mainstream audience of 230 million PC users worldwide pic.twitter.com/rJ9pFJr8rB

— Immutable (@Immutable) June 22, 2023

The Gods Unchained Makeover Continues into Mobile Gaming

Despite the huge advantages offered by the Epic Games Store, the drive for accessibility doesn’t end there. Going forwards, Gods Unchained has also revealed grand plans to launch its platform for the mobile market, with development in its advanced stages for both Google Play and the Appstore. What this means for Gods Unchained, is that its potential market will grow well beyond that of its current capabilities.

Backing all of this up, the Immutable team have also teased a ‘massive expansion’ on the horizon. Resulting in an update that will add more gaming modes, additional card packs and wealth of new opportunities. So, as one of the oldest games in Web3 gets a makeover, the future looks bright for the Gods Unchained ecosystem.

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