Getty Images Steps in the NFT Game with Candy Digital

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Popular stock-photo behemoth, Getty Images, is finally jumping on the NFT bandwagon through a partnership with Candy Digital. Candy Digital, a digital collectible firm owned by Fanatics Inc., will work with Getty Images to develop a diverse range of NFT products from Getty’s immense library of visual media.

Getty Images was founded in 1995, and has since then become the go-to marketplace for quality images of all kinds. The company has over 465 million images stored in its database, with 135 million of these being analog images. Getty acquired older photo agencies throughout the years, and its library now covers the last 170 years of photographic history.

The duo plan to roll out their NFT products on the Palm network, an Ethereum side-chain. Palm Studios already has partnerships with Candy Digital, MetaMask, Warner Brothers, Chainlink, and more.

Getty Chief Executive Officer Craig Peters commented that he isn’t concerned with the fluctuations of the NFT market, as the company is in it for the long haul. He sees Getty’s role in building trust between consumers and fake sellers as one of the most important aspects to further growing and developing the NFT market.

However, even though Getty has a hold over the stock image market, they will be facing some serious competition from other brands who have already entered the NFT space, such as Associated Press, which began selling its own NFTs on a new marketplace in January this year.

Image credit via: Twitter


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