Get the Drills at the Ready, Megacube is Returning to Decentraland!

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For fans of large-scale, multiplayer metaversal madness, the long wait is over, the fearsome MegaCube has returned for a second season. So, buckle up, get the mining gear at the ready and prepare to unlock the mysteries of the cube!

The world’s largest multiplayer invasion of the metaverse will launch on May 6 in Decentraland, bringing with it a unique brand of collaborative gameplay and $500k worth of amazing prizes. The task, to embark on a Minecraft style digging frenzy on every facet for the giant voxelated monolith. Hidden within its depths, gamers will find a huge number of incredible prizes, while at the very centre, one lucky explorer will discover the greatest prize of them all.

Welcome to Megacube 2, the biggest collaborative #PlayToEarn experience in the Metaverse, celebrated in @decentraland

What is #Megacube? How do I play?

Thread 👇

— MegaCube (@megacubeio) May 4, 2022

Essentially, the cube consists of 100 layers made up of smaller blocks that gamers must mine independently. Players must mine each layer in turn, until they have reduced the monolith to just a single square. The lucky individual to mine this last piece of the puzzle, will take away a prize from every single of the 120+ sponsors participating in the event. A grand array of Web3 innovators including, Polygon, Boson Protocol, Decentraland and project creator Polygonal Mind.

This is not the only reward however, as additional prizes consisting of delectable NFTs and delicious coin are hidden at random locations within the cube. Last year’s event saw almost 2500 players take two weeks to completely mine a 50 layered cube. However, this time around it has doubled in size and who knows how many players will show up.

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In addition, those taking a little downtime from the mining experience can head to the Megahall. A vast festival of entertainment featuring DJs, wearables and a whole lot of surprises. All in addition to sponsor curated booths where explorers can acquire ‘shards’ to upgrade the firepower of their drilling machines.

So, tool up, log in, and get mining!

Learn more and sign up >> Here


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