Generative Dungeon Takes NFTs to the Next Level – NFT Plazas

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Hold on to your horses folks, there’s more to NFTs than just pretty pictures, as Generative Dungeon has set out to prove. Through its ultimate utility, anyone can jump in and go dungeon crawling directly from the NFT.

Despite launching a whole year and a half ago, Generative Dungeon has quietly built following of staunch Web3 enthusiasts. All safe in the knowledge that this cutting-edge collection of 3000 NFTs contains some of the best immersive NF-enter-T-ainment in town!

Via the project, avid explorers can head to any of the 3000 NFTs in OpenSea and immediately dive into a unique ‘Generative Dungeon’ experience. Essentially, allowing them to delve into the great unknown as one of a variety of characters to discover lost treasure, battle angry foes and explore the murky depths! What’s more, Generative Dungeon allows owners to stake their amazing NFTs to earn $DNG, which they can then trade for artifacts in the goblin Bazaar.

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The Generative Dungeon NFT Collection Partners with Arcadia

For a limited time only, the truly immersive Generative Dungeon has partnered with NFT gaming platform, Arcadia. As such, Arcadians have from May 9-12 to tackle the cavernous depths of the project’s custom dungeon with a chance to win $USDC and a coveted Allow List place.

To play any Generative Dungeon game is simple, just navigate to a tasty looking NFT on OpenSea and click on it to get going. Once inside, gamers can navigate the Dungeon with the mouse or WASD keys, and attack using a fearsome right click. In addition, a further sub menu will allow explorers to cast spells, heal and connect a personally owned avatar!

Play any version of the Generative Dungeon NFT Collection >> Here

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