Gatorade Enters Web3 Through Commemorative NFTs

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Sports beverage company Gatorade has made its first foray into Web3 through the launch of an NFT collection. The collection has been made in collaboration with Vayner3, Web3 consultants VaynerX, and sports charity Good Sports. 

As its name, the ‘Gatorade PoY Game Changers’ suggests, the collection was based around the 12 National 2021-2022 Gatorade Players of the Year. These include Averi Carlson (volleyball), Nick Singleton (American football), Colin Sahlman (boys cross country), Natalie Cook (girls cross country), Gradey Dick (boys basketball), Kiki Rice (girls basketball), Keagan Rothrock (softball), Jacob Jackson (boys soccer), Riley Jackson (girls soccer), Julietee Whittaker (girls track and field), and Cade Flatt (boys track and field). 

The NFT endeavour featured two pillars, with the first being an open edition mint of the NFT collection which ran for three days from July 18th. The event saw the sale of three-card NFT packs which were randomly assembled with the 12 National 2021-2022 Gatorade Players of the Year. Each had a price tag which was equivalent to $5 in ETH. 

All primary sales and 8% of secondary sales of the mint are said to be donated to Good Sports, a charity which is dedicated to providing underprivileged children with access to sports and physical activity. 

The second pillar NFTs wasn’t as democratizing, as instead, it intended to give back to the 12 athletes in which the collection is celebrating. It entailed the airdropping of NFTs to every Gatorade National Player of the Year athlete, with each receiving 10 Athlete Original custom editions of their personal card, as well as a special edition Athlete Original which came with a distinct border or sticker to mark it as a 1/1. 


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