GameStop’s NFT Wallet Offers Immutable X Layer 2 Integration

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When news of GameStop’s NFT marketplace was first announced earlier this year, word on the street was that it would feature Immutable X integration, a claim that turned out to be true. Now, months after the marketplace went live, GameStop has made Immutable an even bigger part of its ecosystem. 

As per an August 8, 2022 tweet, version 0.6.9 of the GameStop Wallet has native integrations with the Immutable X Layer 2. This means that users of the wallet can access Immmutable Dapps and assets, as well as send and receive them. 

Immutable X Layer 2 is now natively supported in the Wallet! Access your Immutable X assets, send/receive, and connect to @Immutable-enabled dapps. We will continue bringing Layer 2 to you!” the tweet said. 

Immutable X Comes to GameStop

At its core, Immutable X is a scaling solution for the Ethereum network. Through Immutable X, transactions can take place across the network faster and for much lower fees. For Ethereum users, this is a huge benefit given how high gas fees can be at times. 

And with this new integration with GameStop’s wallet, users can access both the marketplace and Immutable X’s gaming options in one place. For example, a GameStop user could play a play-to-earn game from Immutable X and then use the winnings from such games to make purchases in the NFT marketplace. 

This is one of many significant developments for the Gamestop NFT ecosystem, which has dealt with both the good (a record-breaking first-day trading volume) and the bad (having to remove controversial NFTs from its marketplace).


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