GameStop NFT Finally Adds Gaming Assets to its Marketplace

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After well over a year’s worth of hype, expectation and breathless anticipation, GameStop NFT finally has a chance to live up to its potential. It has emerged from its Beta phase and is debuting its first gaming NFTs through the powerful ImmutableX framework.

It’s been a rocky and eventful road that has led GameStop to its current Web3 incarnation, first seeing an unexpected company resurgence thanks to anarchic SubReddit, Wallstreetbets. Then, investing its new found gains in a mighty blockchain-powered pivot into NFTs before debuting its marketplace to artworks and collectibles in July amid a general cooling of the crypto markets.

We’re excited to share that the @GameStopNFT Marketplace is officially live on ImmutableX!

Powered by @StarkWareLtd and advancing the next generation of web3 games #onIMX 🅧

— Immutable 🅧 – $IMX (@Immutable) October 31, 2022

Now however, GameStop has finally moved into familiar territory, as it marks the full roll out of its marketplace with the addition of gaming assets. Users can now trade gaming NFTs from within the ImmutableX ecosystem on its blossoming platform, including items from top titles such as Gods Unchained, Ember Sword, Illuvium and Guild of Guardians.

Furthermore, GameStop has moved to incentivize interaction within its marketplace by issuing a 1% trading rebate in the shape of $IMX tokens, as well as a limited period 0.2% marketplace fee and additional staking rewards systems. So, as Ethereum begins to get its life together, could this mark a surge in popularity for the GameStop ecosystem? Only time will tell.

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