GAM3S.GG Turns Up the Throttle with $2 Million Funding Round – NFT Plazas

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Innovative Web3 gaming superapp, GAM3S.GG, has announced it has raised a staggering $2million in seed round funding. The platform will now funnel this new war chest into expanding and developing its one-stop hub for discovering top titles in the space.

GAM3S.GG, formally known as Polkastarter Gaming, achieved its mighty injection of cash thanks to a seed round led by investment firm, Mechanism Capital. This effort was then followed by additional support from the likes of Polygon, MarketAcross, Double Peak, Arkstream and more, while a number of prominent Web3 gaming angel investors also played a key role.

As a result of its latest windfall, GAM3S.GG can now grow and expand its already impressive platform. Using the funds to effectively build an all-in-one environment for Web3 gaming, akin to the service provided by IGN for the traditional market.

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GAM3S.GG Fills an Important Gap in the Web3 Gaming Market

Through its incredible platform, GAM3S.GG will enable players to explore and experience Web3 gaming through the implementation of a single tailored superapp. As a result of its innovation, the platform aims to provide the necessary glue that holds the Web3 gaming sector together and help to catalyze growth in the space.

What this effectively means, is that fans of Web3 gaming will have a single, safe and secure, location from which to access all the latest info. Using its superapp, they will find news of the latest releases, data on the top performing titles, game progress tracking, progression awards, player owned item management, and of course, a games launcher.

Onwards and Upwards for the GAM3S.GG Web3 Gaming Superapp

First launched in November 2022 as Polkastarter Gaming, and now rebranded as GAM3S.GG, it has evolved into an important lynchpin in the Web3 gaming sector. Since then, it has amassed over 60k registered gamers, who can access more than 200 games across 15 different blockchains.

Going forwards, GAM3S.GG aims to become the go-to superapp in blockchain gaming, and is well on the way to hitting its ambitious mission of onboarding 100 million users to Web3!

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