Gala Music Spider Tanks x VOIR DIRE Collaboration – NFT Plazas

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Despite internal wranglings that have seen founders clash heads, Gala Games has continued to push the boundaries of innovation. As a result, two of its hot properties, Gala Music and Spider Tanks, will hook up to reward holders of the recent VOIR DIRE NFT album release.

Just 10 days ago, Gala Music stunned the NFT and Rap worlds by releasing an elusive collaboration by industry superstars, Earl Sweatshirt and the Alchemist. Effectively, putting to bed a 2-year hunt for a long-fabled album by releasing it through Gala music in the shape of NFTs. Now however, in a wholly unexpected but totally welcome turn of events, the latest release by the musical icons will soon reap further rewards.

According to reports, Gala Music will take a snapshot of VOIR DIRE holders on September 8, which will then entitle those that qualify to claim an exclusive Spider Tanks NFT. Through this ‘tunes for tanks’ initiative, owners can claim a higher tier of Spider Tank based on the number of NFTs held. As such, those with 3 VOIR DIRE tracks in their Gala wallet can claim a common tank, 5 tracks will unlock a rare tank, and those holding all 11 tracks can get their hands on a coveted Epic tank. However, in order to qualify, holders must have purchased the tracks via the Gala Music platform, and hold them in a Gala wallet at the time of the snapshot.

oh hey there, @earlxsweat and @Alchemist

— Spider Tanks (@Spider_Tanks) September 4, 2023

Gala Games’ Innovation Comes as Controversy Hits the Platform

This latest major step in Gala Games’ interconnected world of Web3 properties comes at a time of inner company turmoil. Over the weekend, reports have emerged that two of its co-founders have locked heads over accusations of theft and miss-management. As a result, news outlets have revealed that the two parties involved have launched lawsuits against each other to the tune of $130 million.

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