Gala Games Set to Drop Officially Licensed ‘Trolls’ Collectibles

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Forward thinking Web3 powerhouse, Gala Games, has announced an incredible partnership with Universal Games. Together they will bring Dreamworks blockbuster ‘Trolls’ IP into its ever-expanding Voxverse.

Through the collaboration, fans can get their hands on some officially licensed Trolls NFT collectibles, each featuring individual traits inspired by the record-breaking movie franchise. Additionally, they will also unlock a whole world of utility as playable avatars within the Voxverse.

The impressive collection will drop at 8pm on October 6 via the Coinbase NFT marketplace. First allowing fans to claim a mysterious blind box NFT, then later revealing the Troll avatar hidden inside. Afterwards, holders will receive a 3D animated Vox avatar collectible which promises bags of future utility.

🎉 🎉 🎉 Dance to the music! It’s party time as your favorite #DreamWorksTrolls, including Poppy and Branch, join the exclusive VOXverse. Collect yours at

— DreamWorks Animation (@Dreamworks) October 3, 2022

The amazing collaboration marks a huge moment for Gala Games, as it embraces a huge player in the cinematic industry. With the Trolls NFT collection debuting a full year before the next instalment of the movie franchise. Therefore, giving the savvy developer ample time to put together a series of bespoke metaverse experiences.

So, join Poppy, Branch, Guy Diamond and friends as they go about their merry business in the cutting edge realm of the virtual space.

Join the drop on Coinbase NFT >> Here

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