Gala Games Launches Superior Alpha Playtest – NFT Plazas

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Fans of Superior, a third-person shooting game, now have even more access as it has announced its playtest. This playtest is available on Gala Games which means that anyone can download and play it, even without NFT access. 

Details About Superior

The brainchild of Drifter Environment, Superior is based on the premise of superheroes who have been corrupted and turned into monsters. Acting as the protagonist of the story, users can hunt these monsters, defeat them, and steal their powers. 

Depending on the user, they can be one of three characters; Ronin the Bruiser, Nomad the Sharpshooter, or Murmur the Trickster. They will also be able to choose their powers before each game and most of these centre around fire and ice.

As they play the games and their avatar inevitably dies, the gameplay will adapt and change. This offers a very unique experience in that no two game runs will ever be the same. And as they defeat their opponents, they can ‘power up’ and get all new superpowers

This sort of game setup is likely to be popular with fans and now that there is more access, even more people can enjoy it.

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