Gala Games hits the Countdown for ‘Legacy’ Launch – NFT Plazas

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Legendary game developer, Peter Molyneux, has revealed the launch date for his highly-touted Web3 business sim. Working alongside Gala Games, the blockchain-based ‘Legacy’ title will launch on October 26, and feature Land NFTS.

Famed for fan favorites, Fable, Black $ White, Dungeon Keeper and more, Mr. Molyneux knows a thing or two about video gaming. Now however, his latest game take on the very latest technology in order to build a thriving digital economy.

Originally unveiled at the tail end of 2021, the game will arrive shortly on both Mac and PC and promises an “unforgettable business adventure.” Within its exquisite frames, Peter Molyneux will challenge players with founding a small business, then building it up into an unstoppable megacorporation.

Legacy builders, we have a release date… October 26th! 🎉

Stay tuned as we provide you with more insight into the world of Legacy in the lead-up to launch 🤝

— Legacy (@PlayLegacyGame) September 28, 2023

Peter Molyneaux Embraces the Blockchain

Known for his innovation within the gaming world, it comes as no surprise that Peter Molyneaux has incorporated the latest technology into his new title. As a result, the move will see him, and his company 22 cans, experiment with a true player economy that will evolve and adapt through the lifecycle of the game.

Through this revolutionary new system, players will earn $LEGACYCOIN as they accomplish achievements within the Legacy framework. Effectively, representing a utility currency that they can they use to acquire exclusive NFTs, trade with fellow players, and hire business partners for their empire.

In addition, players can also purchase Land NFTs via secondary markets such as OpenSea. These will then afford their holders unique benefits within the game, such as, enhanced rewards and greater access to in-game perks.

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