Gala Games Announce $4 Million Prize Pot For ‘May Mayhem’

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May is here and this means Gala Games’ ‘May Mayhem’ is almost upon us. With aid from the NFT industry’s 21,000% growth in 2021, this year’s prize pot has been quadrupled from last year’s, meaning a whopping $4 million worth of $GALA is up for grabs. 

One of the many flagship games of Gala Games, Town Star, will be the distributor of half of the event’s prize pot, with other TBA titles to take care of the rest. 

In addition to the mass $GALA offering, May Mayhem will also be distributing free Gala Games NFTs which will have tangible utility across the company’s gaming titles. To determine which community members are worthy of receiving such NFTs, a snapshot of users’ Ethereum wallets and associated Treasure Chests on the Gala Games platform took place on Friday, April 29th, at 11:59 PM PT.

Users with certain NFTs from the Gala Games ecosystem will be deemed eligible to receive the free digital assets. 

The company has explicitly stated that to keep things exciting, it will not reveal which NFTs are of significance here. However, in an attempt to avoid missing any marketing openings, it has encouraged participants to browse secondary markets if they feel some kind of inclination towards specific items.


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