Futureverse Secures $54M in Funding- NFT Plazas

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Futureverse, a pioneering tech firm, is taking significant strides in enhancing its platform dedicated to supporting the development of open, scalable, and interoperable gaming, payment experiences, and more on-chain. All is possible thanks to Futureverse securing $54M in funding led by 10T, with participation from the renowned blockchain firm Ripple

With ample financial support, Futureverse will merge technological infrastructure and AI-driven content to create an open Metaverse that resonates with collective visions. The platform will achieve such ambitions by developing its extensive development tools: the ‘FuturePass’ smart wallet for speedy and secure user onboarding, a digital object transformer for carving out dynamic asset pipelines, and an AI gaming platform that furnishes AI-controlled action games.

Moreover, it is developing a technology solution called ‘The Root Network’, comprising a suite of protocols with pre-made runtimes in collaboration with Ripple to craft the next generation of internet experiences. To facilitate secure and fast transactions across the network, this integration enables the use of Ripple’s native token XRP as a gas token. It will also support the XLS-20 NFT standard to catalyze new pathways for collectors and artists in digital assets. 

We are incredibly excited to announce that we’ve closed our $54M Series A round led by @10Tfund, with participation from @Ripple to scale our AI and metaverse technologies. pic.twitter.com/zOUI65c2X8

— Futureverse (@futureverse) July 18, 2023

Old and New Digital Engagements

Since its inception, Futureverse has partnered with eleven companies to enhance its technological offerings and bring envisioned virtual universes to life — two of which are the blue-chip NFT project Cool Cats and the decentralized ASM AI Protocol, to enable anyone to own, trade, and train AI through digital ‘Brains’.

Continuing its expansion, Futureverse is at the forefront of cutting-edge AI in the sports industry. Notably, it has taken the world by storm with the release of ‘FIFA Women’s World Cup AU·NZ·2023™ Edition,’ an AI-powered football game that has redefined the gaming experience. In addition to an AI-powered boxing game in collaboration with The Next Legends, which is next in line. 

The Futureverse $54M funding round clearly illustrates the platform’s future visions resonating highly with investors, representing a significant stride towards a fully open and interactive Metaverse in the pipeline. 

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