Funko Partners with Warner Brothers for DC Comics NFTs

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Master of the disproportionate humanoid, Funko, has hooked up with media powerhouse, Warner Brothers to launch a new line of DC Comics collectibles backed by a host of NFT goodness.

Through the mighty collaboration, the formidable duo will release the “Brave and the Bold” comic book cover collection on October 7. Every single item in the 30k release will arrive exclusively online via world-spanning retail giant, Walmart. Once in possession of their brand-new memento, owners can then immediately claim their partnered NFT, minted on the energy efficient WAX blockchain.

The move marks an important development in the lifecycle of the NFT industry, highlighting a pivotal moment where the technology merges with everyday purchases and enters the mainstream environment. As a result, enabling collectors to acquire their physical world keepsakes while unlocking an additional NFT bonus item, marrying the realms of the digital and physical so that everyone benefits.

Funko has emerged as the perfect fit for NFT technology due to its fundamental base in collectible memorabilia. It has placed itself firmly at the head of the pack when it comes to innovating within the space.


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