FTX Trading Empire Launches Blockchain Gaming Division

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Crypto trading heavyweight, FTX, has announced the creation of a brand new gaming division. A timely addition designed to usher in a new era of blockchain-based gaming for the ambitious firm.

Through its new gaming arm, FTX aims to help existing gaming developers climb aboard the play-to-earn juggernaut. Achieving this, by providing the tools required to integrate tokenomics and NFTs into existing infrastructure and thereby removing a number of onboarding barriers that currently exist in the industry.

As the result of keen tactical leanings, FTX has identified blockchain gaming as having huge potential within the industry. Considering that gamers regularly use a system of in-game micro economies, moving to a decentralized system represents no stretch of the imagination.

One minor roadblock exists however, as gamers in general appear to have a staunch disregard for anything blockchain related. A distrustful bunch, who will need a lot of convincing if they are to adopt the technology. Despite this, a market clearly already exists, and will only grow in time.

Source: https://nftplazas.com/ftx-blockchain-gaming-division/

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