Fractal NFT Marketplace Gets Back on Track with Official Launch

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It’s been an eventful December for Twitch co-founder, Justin Kan. From announcing plans to launch a gaming NFT marketplace halfway through the month to then building a 100k strong Discord community in the time it takes most people to plan a dinner party. Only to be scuppered by a high-profile Discord breach just before Christmas.

Now, however, things are back on track, and the Fractal Marketplace has officially launched. Brushing aside the earlier troubles, Fractal will now charge ahead with its goal to grow the Web3 gaming space, providing gamers with a bespoke ecosystem for trading a wide range of in-game assets.

Last but not least, thank YOU for supporting the vision behind the collection. We can’t wait to see where we can take this together. Wagmi.

Check out our launch blog post here:

— Justin Kan ❄️ (@justinkan) December 30, 2021

The Solana-based platform already has a number of high-profile titles on board, including ground-breaking metaverse, The Sandbox, battling platform, Aurory, and gangster romp, Syn City. Going forward, Fractal will enable gamers to buy directly from the publishers as well as engage with P2P trading on the secondary market.

Fractal will now continue to grow out its ecosystem and bring more titles into the fold, and therefore provide a single hub to cater for the gaming NFT market. Next up, it will complete the biggest NFT airdrop in Solana history, to reward its slightly beleaguered followers.

Check out Fractal >> Here


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