Forbes Launch Virtual Billionaire NFT Collection

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World-renowned American business magazine Forbes has unveiled a preview into its latest blockchain endeavour, the Billionaires NFT collection. To facilitate the industry-first collection, the media giant partnered with leading global cryptocurrency exchange FTX. 

The collection’s sale includes an initial drop of 100 Virtual NFT Billionaires, which when sold out, can be purchased on secondary marketplaces. Early access to the collection was made available to Forbes subscribers on April 11th, with the sale going public on April 13th. 

The Virtual NFT Billionaires are a set of fictional investors with an enormous portfolio of property and overall net worth (which can be seen on a hypothetical ranking system). Each will also have its own set of eccentric hobbies and quirks, as well as their own profile page on featuring a custom illustrated headshot by image rendering agencies Goodog and ItsACat.

In speaking on the launch Vadim Supitskiy, Chief Technology Officer at Forbes, had this to say: “The launch of this collection is an important step as Forbes embraces Web3 and digital assets, and it provides an opportunity for our audience to better engage in this space too”. 

Such release of interactive collectibles is by no means the company’s first foray into the metaverse, as last year it turned one of its magazine cover into an NFT, whilst in March it hosted the inaugural Digital Assets and Web3 Summit for key industry leaders to attend.


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