FlamingoDAO: Little Miami Virtual Gallery in Voxels – NFT Plazas

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FlamingoDAO, the popular decentralized autonomous organization known for its impressive NFT investments, has launched Little Miami in the Voxels Metaverse. The organization’s first-ever virtual gallery is a collaborative effort between three Metaverse architects, including @BDCV_, @lilpaats, @BalancedPortfo1, and FlamingoDAO itself. 

Say hello to Little Miami, the @FLAMINGODAO‘s first virtual gallery. 🦩

Flamingo DAO posses one of the greatest NFT collections in the world, one so big we couldn’t fit it all into this massive virtual gallery.

Turn up💽for extra vibes, more details below 👇 pic.twitter.com/QQqTy2cLDB

— BDCV (@BDCV_) March 7, 2023

Based in Midtown, Origin City in the Voxels Metaverse, Little Miami spans over six parcels, providing an interactive and immersive experience for NFT enthusiasts. The maps of the virtual gallery’s sections are scattered across the Metaverse, allowing visitors to teleport to their respective areas.

These sections include galleries showcasing Gen arts from exciting collections such as XCOPY, The Alien, and Nouns, and generational arts from covet collections like Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC), Moonbirds, Clonex, and a wide array of CryptoPunks. It also boasts some of the most prized possessions in the NFT space, such as the OG ArtBlocks, Autoglyphs, and more.

The virtual gallery features works from over 50 legendary artists, including photography from pioneering artists like Justin Aversano, Ruben Wu, and DrifterShoots, among others. Little Miami has a whole room dedicated to ArtBlocks and a legendary 1/1 section from artists like JOY, p1xefool, ACK, Blake Kathryn, FVCKRENDER, IxShells, FEWOCiOUS, KLDPXL, Kreum, 3LAU, erinbeess, Holly Herndon, and many more legends.

FlamingoDAO – Building Immersive NFT Experiences in the Metaverse

By moving around with their control keys, visitors can easily navigate through Little Miami to check out the numerous artworks displayed around the Voxels metaverse. They can also click on the artwork to play a video or take them directly to the token. The virtual gallery also features an original soundtrack by @aldo_beats on YouTube, creating a unique ambiance for the viewing experience. 

FlamingoDAO’s launch of Little Miami marks a new chapter in the NFT world, showcasing the potential of immersive virtual galleries to display and appreciate digital art. With its impressive collection and state-of-the-art virtual gallery, FlamingoDAO is solidifying its status as a major player in the NFT market. As the NFT market grows, virtual galleries like Little Miami will become an essential tool for collectors and artists to showcase and sell their unique digital assets.

Take a stroll around Little Miami >> Here

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