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Fist of the North Star is set to debut in the Metaverse after striking a partnership with The Sandbox. The popular manga series plans to launch “End of the Century LAND,” a new gaming experience, and to bring the idea to life, the magazine has also partnered with Coamix Inc. and Minto Inc.

The popular magazine has managed to sell over 100 million copies worldwide and sees Web3 as the next frontier for its series. Therefore, the game will mark the first time the magazine brings its creations to the Metaverse. On top of providing a “powerful and overwhelming dystopian experience” for game lovers around the globe, the game will feature NFTs to “enhance the LAND experience” and “make it more immersive.”

Exciting Times Ahead For Fist Of The North Star

Sandbox made an official announcement about the collaboration last week. All parties involved seem quite excited about the future of the partnership and what it means for fans of Fist of the North Star.

Tetsuo Hara, author of the popular manga series, notes that he is “looking forward to seeing the world of the manga “Fist of the North Star” come to life in the new gaming metaverse. It’s a little strange to be a voxel, but I’m really looking forward to seeing Kenshiro and the rest of the Hokuto characters come to life and run wild.”

In addition, Sebastien Borget, COO and co-founder of The Sandbox, is equally upbeat. He notes that “Fist of the North Star” is quite popular in his home country of France, and it means a lot to have the globally loved series as part of their metaverse. Before adding, “I look forward to bringing the unique dystopian world of Fist of the North Star to life to our metaverse, and to making it accessible to both fans and a wider gaming audience.”

Sandbox serves as an open metaverse protocol where brands, studios, and independent creators can sign up and bring their Web3 ideas to life.

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