Finance Giant Amundi Tease NFT Investments

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Through recently announcing their ‘pro-NFT’ stance in a recent statement, Europe’s largest asset manager, Amundi, are set to explore ways in which the company can engage its clients with the digital asset. According to the French finance giant’s chief investment offer, Vincent Mortier, the company is predominantly looking at digital art and collectibles as their initial means of delving into blockchain ongoings.

The explicit words from the French financial giant, who happen to manage over $2 trillion worth of assets, were: “Ultimately, we cannot rule out that NFTs will also become investable assets”. The statement later revealed that the company perceives NFTs as having ‘merits as investable assets’.

Despite such teasings, Mortier said that the firm are yet to finalise how it plans to dive into the NFT space, however multiple avenues are said to be in contention, including the set-up of a dedicated fund for NFT investments. That being said, what we do know for relative certainty, is that the ease of storing and tracking the artistic and collectible medley of the asset is something the company sees potential in: “Some artists are doing artwork only for the NFT market. This section of the market has some legs and is investible” Mortier stated.

Although we have seen explicit admiration for NFTs being shed, Amundi are still out-rightly averse to crypto, as in the words of Mortier, the crypto landscape is “too speculative,” and still has “a lot of question marks around it”. The company have demonstrated their concern of crypto through their calls to clients, as they’ve urged them to not invest in an asset them deem as ‘without intrinsic value’. 

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