Film3 Company Announces Founding Membership

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Share on linkedin’s Founding Membership officially launched on September 7, 2022. The Film3 company focuses on financing film, elevating the fan experience while protecting the rights of artists. They will be announcing a slate of 10 film projects starting in Q4 of this year for Kino users to invest in and experience. Membership

This Founding Membership will give the first 1,000 people “whitelist access” to a host of film investment opportunities. How the model works is that users invest in a high-profile Hollywood production and in return, can get tangible items related to the project. These include collectables and props or behind-the-scenes access and red carpet experiences. 

Along with the opportunity to invest in A-List projects 48 hours before the general public, Founding Members of will also get to enjoy in-person events such as the annual Kino Party happening December 2022 in Los Angeles. More details can be found on the website.

Making an Impact

As Co-Founders (Daril Fannin & Austin Worrell) have explained, artists in the entertainment industry have long suffered from what is called ‘Hollywood Accounting’. This is a common practice where studios and corporations steal billions of dollars from artists’ royalties. People in a $212 billion dollar industry shouldn’t struggle.

They went on to explain that their new economic model will ensure that everyone (artists/crew/studios/etc) can all make their fair share as they create stories that can change the world. Their aim is to have economic alignment with all members of the industry. 

Put your feet up, stay a while, & join the KINOmmunity.

— KINO (@Kinoappxyz) August 17, 2022

They also seek to champion stories from unheard, diverse voices. Their platform gives users the opportunity to invest in their favorite artists and support the types of content that they want to consume.

The Team

The team is made up of professionals with extensive experience in the entertainment industry. This includes Daril Fannin, a writer and producer who has worked with Matt Damon, Jimmy Kimmel and Sylvester Stallone, as well as Austin Worrell, who co-founded the fastest growing social impact token in the market with over 500K holders.

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