Fighter Era Odyssey to Unleash the FEOVERSE – NFT Plazas

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Fighter Era Odyssey (FEO) is gearing up to launch the ‘FEOVERSE,’ where top ‘King of Fighters (KoF)’ characters will battle it out with versions of themselves in alternate universes. Since these players possess the same powers, it will take something special to beat the opponent and advance to the next round.

With this in mind, FEO has come up with an ingenious way to get ahead in the game. As such, the platform will launch NFTs that give characters an edge, thus helping them absorb their opponents’ powers and standing a chance to win the title of the ‘Ultimate Fighting King.’

First up will be Mai Shiranui, a female ninja who possesses exquisite movement and dresses in coquettish costumes. She is a classic SNK character and will kick off this odyssey, which takes place in 2077. Due to time travel, her abilities are dispersed throughout FEOVERSE. Thus, players will need to help her recover these powers by obtaining an exclusive weapon — Kachousen, an NFT that unlocks her abilities. This NFT will also allow players to collect exclusive accessories that will be key to unlocking prizes.

In total Mai’s collection is made up of 7,777 NFTs scattered in parallel space time. Players can try to collect her “complete Era treasure map with nine pieces of fragments, which are NFTs. If you accomplish the mission, you are allowed to share 70% of the Era Token Incentives. Of course, if you hold some of the pieces you could also share the rest of 30% with other fighters.”


See you on 𝑭𝒆𝒃 23𝒓𝒅:

— Fighter Era Odyssey | MINT FEB 23💥 (@FEOVERSE) February 7, 2023

Era Missions

There are 10 eras in R-Epoch that correspond to 10 collections of NFTs, with each era linking to different rules and tasks. The first era mission is composed of three parts: the Genesis Treasure Map, NFT staking, and R-Epoch Gashapon.

The Genesis treasure map will let players collect Mai Shiranui treasure map fragments. Those who collect all nine fragments will have the complete NFT map, and will qualify for a share of the era token incentives. That said, there are specific guidelines on how to collect the various map fragments.

In the second part, players will have to stake their own NFTs to participate in the final duel, where characters will be more powerful with the Kachousen NFT. There are specific guidelines on this as well, which can be obtained on the gitbook.

As for the final part, players will have to collect candies to open Gashapon and get treasured props. For those that are lucky, they will get rare Mai Shiranui NFTs and multiple limited 3D costume NFTs.

When Does Fighter Era Odyssey Minting Kick Off?

NFT minting will kick off on February 23. Whitelisted users will have first dibs at 1 PM UTC+9, while the rest will get their chance on the same day at 9 PM UTC+9 through the public mint.

Additionally, whitelisted users will get to mint up to two NFTs at 0.04 ETH, or $66 as of press time, while the rest will get only one NFT at 0.05 ETH, or $83. However, gamers shouldn’t worry; anyone stands a chance of getting whitelisted and enjoying the perks that come with it, by joining the official FEO Discord and “becoming active, showing great passion and love in the server.”

Holding these NFTs comes with its fair share of perks, such as being part of the SNK community and getting priority in the purchase of the next series of NFTs. As well as staking NFTs to earn additional rewards and unlocking exclusive experiences in the FEOVERSE.

Users can expect to see collections from other KoF characters soon, such as Kyo Kusanagi, Ukyo Tachibana, Rugal Bernstein, and many more. More information on ERA missions and gameplay can be found in the gitbook here.

Find out more about Fighter Era Odyssey and prepare for the mint >> Here

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