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Footballing overlord, FIFA, recently unveiled the open beta version of its ‘World Cup AI League,’ a mobile strategy game that utilizes artificial intelligence (AI) to create its characters, cosmetics, and gameplay components. Altered State Machine, a Web3 AI company, developed the vibrant game, that is available right now on Android and will soon launch on iOS.

A new round of AI League action awaits ⚡️

Take the groundbreaking football strategy game for a spin and let your squad of AI-powered players loose on the streets.

Download the open beta FREE on Android:

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— FIFAWorldCupAILeague (@FIFAWCAILEAGUE) March 28, 2023

The game features cartoonish, brightly colored characters controlled by AI rather than famous football stars. Which will then take to the virtual field, with AI determined movements governing its strengths and weaknesses. In addition, players can also purchase cosmetic upgrades for their characters using the in-game currency tied to the app.

In the near future, the game plans to incorporate NFTs that will be fully tradable via an in-house marketplace. This will allow players of the game to mint characters and accessories as non-fungible tokens and reap the benefits of true digital ownership. The decision to introduce NFTs at a later stage aims to provide a seamless user experience that will also prevent players from becoming too focused on or distracted by the NFT components as the game gains traction. Aaron McDonald, the co-founder of Altered State Machine, stated that their mission is “to lead casual gamers into the world of AI gaming in the metaverse, and with FIFA’s AI League, we are unlocking a unique new opportunity for football fans around the globe to interact with their favorite sport.”

The game’s use of AI is also significant, as AI is becoming more prevalent in the gaming industry, contributing to more immersive and engaging experiences. FIFA’s game, powered by AI characters, provides players with a more diverse and unpredictable gameplay experience that may appeal to casual gamers.

FIFA Making Waves in the Blockchain and Web3 Space

FIFA, the international governing body of football, has been actively exploring the potential of blockchain technology in recent years. In addition to launching the World Cup AI League game, FIFA collaborated with various Web3 game studios to develop World Cup-themed integrations for last year’s competition.

Moreover, FIFA launched the FIFA+Collect NFT Platform in 2022. The platform allowed football enthusiasts to purchase and own officially licensed NFTs of their favorite players and moments. The NFT platform marks a significant milestone for FIFA in its plans to enhancing fan engagement and participation through blockchain.

By embracing blockchain technology and its potential, FIFA has positioned itself at the forefront of the evolving gaming industry. As the it continues to develop and innovate, we can anticipate FIFA and other organizations exploring new ways to leverage blockchain technology and NFTs to enhance fan engagement, drive revenue growth, and deliver more immersive gaming experiences.

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