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NFTs have given many artists a chance to make a living through their work and also find an audience in ways they otherwise wouldn’t be able to. Perhaps one of the biggest artist successes through NFTs is Victor Langlois, the teen artist known as FEWOCiOUS.

FEWOCiOUS recently hit a new career milestone after one of his pieces sold for over half a million dollars in the secondary market. 

Fewocious Makes a Splash

The piece in question, “The Sailor”, shows both a cartoon and morphed human face as one and is true to the artist’s usual style. It was recently resold on SuperRare to a user named ‘capital6529’. 

The piece came at a cost of 350 ETH, which was paid to the previous holder, ‘2YeahYeah’. This represents a major milestone for Fewocious, who has grossed millions of dollars through his paintings while still a teenager. Other career milestones for the artist include being the youngest person to be featured in a Christie’s auction. 

History in the Making Countdown…

1 hour to go; auction ends at 12:28 pm EST@fewocioushttps://t.co/Mn6pRLOj1fpic.twitter.com/gbCt9iCnAW

— YeahYeah / Punk638 / BEEPLE EVERYDAYS (@2Yeahyeah) August 19, 2022

Speaking on the very pricey sale, Langlois took to Twitter to share how his success could hopefully inspire others. 

“my sophomore highschool English teacher saw this and messaged me saying she’s gonna add this piece & my story to her lesson about resilience to her students,” he tweeted.


Source: https://nftplazas.com/fewocious-all-time-high/

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