FC Barcelona Sees a Bright Future in the Metaverse and NFTs

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Cash-strapped footballing empire, FC Barcelona, is the latest sporting heavyweight to take a leap into the blockchain realm, revealing plans to launch its own NFTs, football-themed metaverse and native cryptocurrency.

Speaking at the latest mobile world congress, club president, Joan Laporta, indicated that the measures are being considered in order to help the club “survive financially”. He added that it has declined a number of crypto sponsorship proposals to avoid a conflict of interest with its future plans.

Barcelona has in recent times experienced a number of high-profile financial difficulties, some of which has seen star players leave the club for pastures new. So, as they look to stem this ill tide, the blockchain could provide the perfect solution to their financial woes.

Going forward, the move sees Barcelona join a number of clubs flirting with the blockchain. Earlier this week, Manchester City revealed plans to replicate their stadium in the metaverse, while fervent enemies, Manchester United scored a sponsorship deal with Tezos.

For many, NFTs and the virtual world will provide an exciting addition to the footballing world. Not only as a way of creating an additional revenue stream for the club, but also enabling an extra layer of engagement for the fans.

Source: https://nftplazas.com/fc-barcelona-metaverse-nft/

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