FatLandClub: Taking NFT Utility to the Next Level

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When most of us buy an NFT, we’re looking to get some tangible benefits from them. Outside of speculative buying, we’re expecting some sort of utility from our NFTs, which many collections claim to provide, whether this is access to perks or the chance to profit from them. 

One NFT project that has opened up a whole world of benefits for its users is FatLandClub, an NFT metaverse project. This project is centred around hand-drawn avatars that come in all sorts of themes.

The FatLandClub NFT Collection

Within the FatLandClub NFT collection, there are 50 characters called FatLand celebrities and all these characters are depicted across the 10,000 assets in the collection. Based on the Ethereum network, these FatLand celebrities all have different features such as skin tones and accessories and travel across the metaverse with their junk food. 

Perks of Being an NFT Holder

So what does one get for holding one of these NFTs? First, there is the chance to earn an income. FatLandClub offers a hold-to-earn program in which secondary trading of its assets commands a 7.5% royalty that is given to the platform. However, 20% of this amount is given to NFT holders, making their assets an investment. 

Then there are the benefits that users enjoy within the metaverse itself. The land in the metaverse will be available for purchase during a pre-sale to which the NFT holders will have access. Once they own this land, they can sell or rent it out for a profit. On the buildings within the metaverse, ads will be displayed to users and a part of the fees generated from these ads will be distributed to NFT holders

Besides the NFTs, there will also be the $Fatcoin, which is the utility and governance token of the ecosystem. By holding $Fatcoin users can access land, ad space and buildings within the metaverse and participate in the many player-vs-player games that FatLandClub makes available to them. Those who already hold the NFTs will be given 500 $Fatcoin for free once the metaverse is fully launched. 

Finally, NFT holders will be considered for profit-sharing within the ecosystem. For products and initiatives that they push forward, they will get 20% royalties as well as from the sales of in-store products and the FatLand restaurant. 

FatLandClub is also committed to creating a community offline as well, with NFT holders being able to attend in-person events and parties.

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Source: https://nftplazas.com/fatlandclub-is-taking-nft-utility-to-the-next-level/

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