Fast Food Frens Team Up with The Doge NFT to Launch Fast Food Doges

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Everyone’s favorite burger flippin’ frens, Fast Food Frens, is back with a major collaboration and an exciting new collection for the community. Get ready for a massive meet up between Fast Food Frens and the original Doge meme!

Who are the Fast Food Frens? 

For those who don’t know, Fast Food Frens launched earlier this year, and the adorable collection of 5,555 uniquely pixelated pieces sold out within 48 hours. Since then, Fast Food Frens have become famous for their hard work, spreading memes, and a strong community which has grown into its own organic and supportive network of everything from frenchisers to frycooks.

The project will soon have its own utility token, $FRIES, along with a Fast Food Frens merch shop, and other exciting contests, activities and collaborations.

1641927306 frens

Fast Food Doges

The team recently made a huge announcement in the Discord channel – an alliance with The Doge NFT, the group which bought the original Doge meme earlier this year for 1,696 ETH ($5.5 million USD), and later fractionalized it into a billion $DOG pieces. The new NFT collection, in collaboration with The Doge NFT, is dubbed “Fast Food Doges,” and will feature 1,696 pieces of newly employed Fast Food Doges.

This iconic collection represents the merging of two legendary communities and the newest facet of the Frens Metaverse. The designs are based on the original Kabosu (Doge) pixel art, and supported by The Doge NFT. Each Fast Food Doge represents one of nine fast food establishments.

No new Fast Food Doges will ever be added, with 75% being distributed to the Fast Food Frens and The Doge NFT communities through a whitelist, and 25% available to the public. Following the public sale, which is live right now, an open auction of the “Dogalisa” will take place. Dogalisa is one of several legendary Fast Food Doges, and proceeds from the auction will be donated to The Bark Charity.

1641927308 fastfooddoges

The Frens Team

Fast Food Frens is a project led by Elliothereum, Francois, Pasha, and BruceLeeTrading, with the help of other talented frens. The team is dedicated to creating a community where frens can express themselves openly, connect with each other, talk about life, and make new memories. The future of Frens is looking bright as the team is steadily working on building the world of Frens, and working hard to bring true utility to all Frens holders.

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