FarmVille Innovator Zynga Digs into Web3 Gaming with Sugartown

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The brainchild behind the famous FarmVille Facebook game, Zynga, has announced it’s taking a bold step into the Web3 gaming world with its upcoming blockchain-based venture, Sugartown, coming soon.

Sugartown unfolds a tale of three farm animals mistakenly tearing open a rift to a parallel universe. Players seeking entry into the ecosystem must purchase an Ora NFT later this year. They can stake the non-fungible collectibles to amass Sugar — an in-game currency dissimilar to cryptocurrency — to gain energy and reap the rewards when partaking in the enticing free-to-play minigames and immersive experiences.


Created by @Zynga Web3 Gaming. Coming soon.

— Sugartown (@visitsugartown) August 14, 2023

Famed Casual Games to Enticing Web3 Exploration

Coming to life in 2007, Zynga garnered interest in the gaming world with the launch of its top-rated gaming titles FarmVille (which amassed 10 million daily users), Mafia Wars, Words with Friends and Merge Dragons in 2009 and beyond. 

Taking a new direction, Zynga announced plans to explore the Web3 gaming realm in 2021, alluding to an eventual future dominated by digital innovation. Grand Theft Auto’s publisher Take-Two Interactive then took over the gaming giant for a whopping $12.7 billion in 2022, to supply the much-needed infrastructure to empower its promised blockchain-based games.

The odyssey from conventional gaming to blockchain innovation showcases Zynga’s dedication to adapting toward a revolutionary landscape. As the company levels up to debut its first blockchain-based game, the Web3 gaming community eagerly anticipates this upcoming chapter in its evolving narrative.

With an ecosystem set for evolution and a future strengthened by collaboration, Zynga is poised to reshape the gaming and blockchain intersections for years to come.

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