Explore the Solana Wilderness with Epic Adventurers the SolMads

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Deep within the multifaceted folds of the Solana blockchain, dwells a mighty nomadic force. A ragtag group of battle-hardened survivors that roam the ether in search of treasure and resources, resulting in an array of resilient wanderers that band together to form the ever-diverse SolMad community.

Forever pitting their skills against the continual threat of extinction, these SolMadic pioneers are eternally destined to wander the Solana network in the form of 10k exquisite NFTs featuring the individual traits of four distinct tribes. As a result, those taking up the challenge can wander the planes as a member of the Panuk, Zuberi, Mira or Briar clans. Consequently, joining together in a community driven journey through the Solana network.

1660286708 Explore the Solana Mobile Wilderness with Epic Adventurers the SolMads 2

Throughout the fierce and challenging adventure, the SolMad community must do what they can to survive. This will entail scavenging for resources, bartering on the open market, constructing dwellings and mining the unforgiving landscape, all with the end goal of of building a solid and enduring ecosystem in which to thrive and expand.

To help them on the way, SolMad will introduce the native $BEADS currency to enable an incredible native economy, while additionally assembling the power of a mighty DAO to facilitate the difficult choices encountered on the road. So, as the Solana mobile ecosystem begins to take shape, the SolMads will become the true explorers of the metaverse.

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