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NFT gaming giant, Axie Infinity, has announced the alpha release of Axie Infinity: Homeland. Bringing with it a much-anticipated first chance for fans of the franchise to interact with their coveted Land NFTs.

Axie Infinity Homeland represents the latest in a long line of Axie developments this year. Back in August, the company rolled out Phase 3 of its ingenious Origin project as it aims to enhance player benefits and experience on the platform.

1/ It’s here.

We’re thrilled to introduce the alpha release of Axie Infinity: Homeland, our flagship land-based experience!

Guide your axies as they harvest, craft, battle, and build their way towards a stronger, more beautiful homeland.

📜| https://t.co/EF7HcUeptSpic.twitter.com/C8VUvDgFE2

— Axie Infinity | #AxieOrigins (@AxieInfinity) December 28, 2022

How to get started with Homeland?

To start, players guide their Axies to establish a thriving settlement on the beautiful planet of Lunacia. After which, they can equip native adventurers with armor supplies and weaponry to defeat monsters.

The alpha release is available via Mavis Hub for both Mac and PC users. However, for the moment, only landowners can participate in the action. To get involved, users simply visit Mavis Hub, install the client, then jump right in and begin building! As a result, Homeland offers an opportunity to explore land plots, gather resources, build a settlement, trade with other landowners, and more.

Per Axie: “During Season 0, top players will receive special titles for reaching the highest ranks on the Homeland leaderboard. Etch your name in history.”

Ultimately, the Axie Infinity Homeland development remains in its early stages. This first release is a chance for Axie to gather feedback for further enhancements down the line.

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