Everyrealm aims at becoming the gateway to the entire metaverse

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Everyrealm is a major online capital formation platform that assists businesses in raising the funds they require to expand. The company offers many verticals that target various industries, and it allows issues to seek capital under Regulation CF, Regulation D, and Regulation A+. Republic would join the corporation as a minority shareholder.

Everyrealm is looking to raise $60 million in a Series A round of funding. According to a recent securities filing, the investment round included more than 30 investors.

The metaverse has devolved into a digital land grab, with participants recognizing that the initial rewards can be substantial. Everyrealm has established itself as a key participant in the metaverse, further supporting the platform’s evolution and expansion.

On the other hand, Everyrealm has already secured $75 million in an equity offering scheduled for 2021. A representative explained to certain investors how the Series A affected their investment; “Realm Metaverse Real Estate Inc., a business operated by Everyrealm, is the subject of this offering. When you invest in a Fidelity ETF, you are investing in an ETF that is managed by Fidelity, and you are not investing in Fidelity, the firm.”

Andreessen Horowitz, Coinbase, Lightspeed, and, yep, Paris Hilton are among the Series A investors.

Everyrealm has now invested in 25 distinct metaverse platforms and owns over 3,000+ NFTs, according to a report. “Wey began out investing in the metaverse but now consider themselves metaverse content developers,” Janine Yorio, CEO of Everyrealm, said in a recent interview with Techcrunch. Furthermore, their virtual retail site Decentraland reportedly sold 10,000 things in less than an hour.

Everyrealm also runs a virtual educational campus called Realm Academy, where users may take online courses to learn more about web3 principles. The company recently held an inaugural class, which featured more than 500 paid attendees.

Source: https://metanews.com/everyrealm-aims-at-becoming-the-gateway-to-the-entire-metaverse/

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