Everton to Launch Digital Shirts for Fans’ Metaverse Avatars

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Premier League football club Everton is partnering with fashion-focused NFT platform Fancurve to create digital shirts which fans can buy for their metaverse avatars. The partnership between Fancurve and the Merseyside giants follows on from the platform’s similar partnership with La Liga side Real Betis.

The NFT shirts are described as high-end photo-realistic digital jerseys which have been curated by Fancurve’s in-house team of 3D fashion designers. Their aesthetics consist of original designs as opposed to replica kits, with inspiration being drawn from the coveted 144 year history of the club. In doing so, shirts of differing rarity will be offered, third-party IP issues are avoided, and the assets won’t be bound to being relevant to only one season. 

In speaking on the endeavour, Chris Cook, senior vice president of partnerships at Fancurve, had this to say: “We are proud to be partnering with such a renowned Premier League club as Everton, with its fanatical fanbase and rich history. We are striving to be the largest and most innovative digital wearables platform for sports fans across the globe, and we see this partnership as one that can help Everton and its community grow, as we explore web 3.0 soccer fandom together”. 

The digital shirts will be sold at an TBA date and price on Fancurve’s website, with fiat payments to be accepted. For the time being, you can register your interest in the project to receive updates.  

Source: https://nftplazas.com/everton-digital-shirts-metaverse-avatars/

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