Ethernal Labs & Metakey Strike Partnership

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Ethernal Labs, the company behind the Ethernity Chain NFT platform, has announced a new strategic partnership with Metakey. This partnership will see the two develop branded metaverse activations specifically for Ethernity’s collections within Decentraland. 

Details About the Partnership 

As part of this deal, Metakey and Ethernal Labs will team up to advance the latter’s work within Decentraland, a top metaverse platform. Thus far, Ethernal Labs has offered licenses to Decentraland for NFTs from top brands, public figures, and much more. These NFTs have included everything from apparel to digital collectables. 

Now that it is teaming up with Metakey, a project called the Ethernity HQ is going to be set up within Decentraland. Ethernity HQ will act as a community hub, with members of the Ethernal Labs, Ethernity and Metakey communities being able to access the space and share ideas. The NFTs that have been authenticated by Ethernity will also be displayed at Ethernity HQ for all to view. 

While this is exciting in itself, the Ethernal Labs team has said that it is only the tip of the iceberg. 

The possibilities are endless, and Ethernal Labs is excited to introduce its library of licenses into the metaverse through event-driven virtual experiences and explore what it means to party, play, and socialize in an entirely virtual environment,” the official post said, adding that the Ethernal Labs and Ethernity teams will continue to work with Metakey to develop more interactive experiences. 

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