Ethereum Merge Sparks One-of-a-Kind Minting Frenzy – NFT Plazas

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On Thursday, the crypto conscious bore witness to the biggest moment in the Ethereum ecosystem’s life cycle. After years of anticipation, the spiritual home of the NFT merged with its proof of stake counterpart. Essentially sparking an NFT minting frenzy as folks far and wide attempted to acquire a non-fungible piece of history.

As we all know, firsts and lasts hold great weight in world of high value collectibles. So, in a tremendous stroke of ingenuity, the folks over at Vanity Blocks masterminded a bold plan. As a result, pulling off a brazen move to mint the final block of Ethereum PoW as a single intact NFT.

Unfortunately, no one got to mint Sunset in the last POW block. Some absolute mad man took up the entire block by minting 1 Vanity Block NFT and paying 30eth (30M gwei) in fees…

Vanity Blocks is an NFT project that aims to take up entire blocks for a single mint … gg …

— 0xBeans.eth (@0x_Beans) September 15, 2022

The wise collectors achieved this mighty feat by committing a single 30 ETH transaction to match the exact size of an Ethereum block. While additionally calling on the services of applied mathematics to pinpoint the exact time to run the transaction. In the end, spending 30.2 ETH to secure the block, along with an additional 1.3 ETH in gas fees.

While these events wound to a close however, another race was about to begin. As post merge enthusiasts looked to grab the first NFT on the new system. When the dust had settled, one plucky investor shelled out a whopping 36 ETH in gas to secure a poorly rendered picture of a panda.

Someone just paid 36 ETH in gas to mint this

The first minted NFT on proof of stake

— Cirrus (@CirrusNFT) September 15, 2022

So, as Ethereum POS ticks over nicely, 2 new NFTs inhabit the blockchain. Which one will become the most valuable? Only time will tell.


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