ESE partners with Skinwallet for metaverse development

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ESE Entertainment Inc. has signed a framework agreement with Skinwallet S.A. to develop technological and marketing solutions connected to Skinwallet’s gaming, esports, blockchain, NFT and related services and events.


Skinwallet is a technology company that focuses on blockchain, NFT and metaverse

Skinwallet is a tech firm that specializes in blockchain, NFT, and metaverse solutions. In adidtion Cyber Warriors Army, a collection of 8000 distinct PFP, is one of Skinwallet’s major ventures.

In the CyberVersum ecosystem, an esports-focused metaverse built by Skinwallet, NFT tokens depict Cyber Warriors – lords of esports combat. Skinwallet aspires to make CyberVersum a hub for esports brand engagement on a Web3 platform. As well as the creation of new NFT collections.

As part of the partnership, ESE will provide brand awareness campaigns in the metaverse to its clients. In order to expand Skinwallet’s revolutionary products and services. Moreover we created and organized customized virtual sports events and market stalls for lifestyle and FMCG brands.

The partnership with Skinwallet will allow ESE to participate in the bourgeoning space of creating

The cooperation with Skinwallet will allow ESE to participate in the burgeoning field of creating. Moreover exchanging digital assets in the most popular video games by providing technological, marketing, user engagement, and other services. ESE will not create or sell any NFTs or other digital assets as part of this collaboration.

ESE CEO Konrad Wasiela says the metaverse and Web3 have unmatched growth potential. We’re ecstatic to join forces with a seasoned player in this space and scale together. Moreover ESE is in a great position to help Skinwallet expand globally in the metaverse.”


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