Epic Games adds 20 NFT Titles to Level up its Roster – NFT Plazas

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Representing a significant move in the gaming world, Epic Games — the prominent video game giant behind Rocket League and Fortnite — is set to introduce twenty new NFT-based titles on top of its current five to the Epic Games Store.

Following the success of its initial NFT integrated offering, Blankos Block Party, Epic Games will kick off its next phase of blockchain gaming with Project Red, an all-action, mafia-themed first-person shooter. The game will feature free-to-play, state-of-the-art AAA graphics, alongside Mobster NFTs, which unlock additional benefits for its players. 

Another highly-anticipated game includes Defimons, a multiplayer adventure with a captivating storyline filled with strategic turn-based battles, intricate mini-games and RPG elements. It will offer all of these exciting features in one gaming world, and expects to appeal to players of all levels through competitive game-play. 

‘Fortnite’ creator EPIC GAMES introducing two NFT based games in it’s marketplace soon…

▪️Project Red

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— MANI (@Mani_NFTz) May 27, 2023

The Perks of Merging Gaming and NFTs

Blockchain technology and NFTs have the strength to reshape the gaming landscape by enabling new forms of economics, ownership, and a player agency that has only recently became possible. By taking this step, Epic Games is claiming a stake in this new frontier by putting its faith in the power of the emerging technology, a move which other gaming firms will likely follow. 

NFTs in games display unique digital assets such as weapons, skins, characters, or in-game real estate, which players can own, trade, or sell independently. This, in turn, opens up an entirely new gaming economy that values players’ time and effort, potentially evolving it into a profitable as well as fun experience. As a result, this freedom can boost player engagement and longevity within games, adding a new element to the gaming world. 

Another perk of integrating blockchain technology includes security and transparency. The blockchain’s decentralized, immutable nature makes it tricky for bad actors to manipulate systems, helping to prevent cheating and safeguarding in-game transactions. 

The Epic Games Store’s adventurous leap into the Web3 world serves as a compelling demonstration of the potential for the future of gaming. This initiative paves the way for more immersive, innovative, and rewarding gaming experiences. With the addition of 20 new NFT games, it has the power to ignite a revolution within the gaming industry. By doing so, it will bring gamers closer to an increasingly decentralized and digitized future.

Image credit via: Niantic

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