Eminem Purchases BAYC NFT Coined ‘EminApe’

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Hip-hop megastar Eminem has bought a Bored Ape Yacht Club NFT. The Oscar winner reportedly paid 123.45 ETH (or approximately $462,000) for Bored Ape #9055, which the community has already began calling ‘EminApe.’

The Twitter user who sold the ape to Eminem, ‘GeeGazza,’ took to the social media platform to thank the artist for his purchase:I’m living in a simulation. Thank you, Eminem, for buying my ape and joining the club. Madness. Let me write a lyric in your next single.”

Remarkably, the purchase came two months after ‘GeeGazza’ predicted that Slim Shady would eventually buy their Ape, which is known for resembling the Missouri-born rapper. They made a tweet on November 2nd saying: “I still think Eminem is destined to buy my BoredApeYC one day.”

The purchase, which was secured by Six, a digital agency which works with many celebrities within the NFT industry, is certainly not the musician’s first dive into the NFT space, as he reportedly owns 15 other NFTs on OpenSea, under the name ‘Shady Holdings.’

Eminem is amongst various other A-list celebrities who have recently delved into the high-profile niche of BAYC NFTs. NBA MVP Steph Curry recently jumped onboard and bought a Bored Ape which is now his Twitter profile picture, and an account with the ENS domain davidchappelle.eth also recently bought Bored Ape #8343 for 99 ETH (or around $371,000). However Chappelle is yet to confirm (or deny) whether it is actually him. Other A-list celebrities in ownership of BAYC NFTs include Snoop Dog, Jimmy Fallon, Diplo, DJ Khaled, Martin Garrix and Future.

Source: https://nftplazas.com/eminem-purchases-bayc-nft-coined-eminape/

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