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Epic cross-platform, NFT laden, swords and sandals MMORPG, Ember Sword, has unveiled a stellar range of updates set to debut throughout the rest of 2023. Resulting in improved gameplay, stunning new visuals, character customization and an extra special reward for long-term supporters of the game.

Top of its list of improvements, Ember Sword will perform a major graphics overhaul to bring its title to the forefront of Web3 gaming. It will achieve this by effectively boosting image fidelity to provide its players with a visually stunning environment, which will in turn, increase engagement and enhance its immersive gameplay.

Furthermore, the team have plans to improve the overall gaming experience by integrating an innovative character builder. Essentially, allowing players to fully customize their gaming avatar to any shape, size, or image they desire. A move that will allow them to finely craft their own, unique, Ember Sword identity.

Happy to share some exciting updates we’re working on for @PlayEmberSword for the remainder of this year. We’re on a mission to level up your gaming experience. 🎮🔥#EmberSword#MMORPG

A thread 🧵👇 pic.twitter.com/pYTfAfd0Eb

— Mark Laursen (@MarkLaursen) June 5, 2023

Ember Sword Revamps Gameplay Following Player Feedback

Following its recent alpha play-test, Ember Sword will also make improvements to its mighty platform based on player feedback. This includes, updating the control system and user interface to make them feel more natural and intuitive. All in addition to improving its combat system and introducing dynamic NPCs in order to foster a more engaging RPG experience.

Moreover, Ember Sword will further enhance its Web3 Gaming platform by adding fully explorable dungeons and taxing boss fights, while also expanding its Solarwood region to include more quests, areas and activities. Backing up this incredible innovation with global servers that will allow folks worldwide to join in the next series of playtests.

What’s more! Ember Sword has also announced it will reward long term supporters of the game. As a result, holders of its Badge and LAND NFTs can expect an extra special reward a little further down the road.

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