Elle Décoration Crosses into the Realm of the Metaverse

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As the world pivots into a new digital age, many traditional design studios find themselves sitting at the apex of a grand artistic revolution. No longer must they cater solely for the physical world, they now have access to the bold and vibrant realm of the metaverse. So, as storied fashion publication, Elle Décoration, celebrates its 35th anniversary, and it has taken the opportunity to embark on a fabulous journey into the future of interior design.

To embrace the digital revolution, Elle has launched its spectacular ‘D3sign Capsule’ initiative. A wonderful collaboration project that sees the best designers in the industry partnered with world-class 3D digital artists. The results of which, offers a glimpse into the future where interior design plays a crucial part in both the physical and virtual realms.

A Grand Exhibition Followed by an Exclusive Sale

Debuting at Paris design week from 10-18 of September, the spectacular collection features 16 pairs of designers and artists, resulting in 15 unique NFT collections which all utilize their combined knowhow to produce a wide range of exciting creations. Each item is displayed in all its glory along with an NFT which is partnered with a real life rendering of the object. Therein, melding the worlds of traditional design and state-of-the-art techniques to bring the collection alive.

For the event, D3sign Capsule has taken pride and place within the breathtaking Hotel du Soubise in the heart of Paris, playing a huge part in Paris Design Week, the brainchild of eminent creator, Sam Baron. This is certainly a grandiose celebration of the medium that specialises in the general aesthetic of our tremendous world.

Check out the auction of the amazing creations via the celebrated NFT art marketplace, SuperRare.

View on SuperRare >> Here

More Amazing Things to Come from D3sign Capsule

Heading into the future, Elle Décoration has further plans for the D3sign Capsule brand. Therefore, getting ready to commence its second phase this October, which will then look to launch a second exhibition and sale in Spring 2023.

So, as the wheels keep turning, the metaverse has opened up a wide and wonderful new outlet for the realm of interior design, where artists and creators are no longer bound by the constraints of the real world. A spectacular digital realm where there are seemingly no limits.

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Source: https://nftplazas.com/elle-decoration-metaverse/

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