Earning Opportunities Abound in the NFT2Metaverse Marketplace

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Over the last year, the metaverse has grown in stature and become increasingly intertwined with our daily lives. So, to tailor for this rapid expansion, users require a highly customized location to purchase all the necessary virtual possessions. From towering skyrise buildings to sprawling meadows and functional digital apparel, the metaverse will need it all.

So, here to fill that undeniable void, NFT2Metaverse (N2M) arrives with grand ambitions to become the premier purveyor of virtual goods in the metaverse!

Reaching for the clouds, N2M will build a digital storefront catering exclusively to the metaverse. Inside which, anything imaginable can be created, traded and used within the confines of the virtual realm. All backed up by an amazing collection of passively earning NFTs that enable the everyday user to invest in what may be the next great tech startup.

Round One of Incredible NFTs

Following a successful private sale, N2E will go live with its highly anticipated pre-sale at 2pm CEST on June 10, bringing the remaining 5,999 items of the 9,999 strong collection to the awaiting masses at a flat rate of 0.15 ETH apiece. Therefore, giving whitelisted folk the chance to jump into the N2M universe at a highly discounted rate. Following which, any remaining NFTs will head to a public sale, and acquirable for 0.2 ETH.

Each NFT will arrive via a blind drop, with designs revealed following the complete sale. One of three key characters will be unveiled; Skullys, Teddys, and Komodys, while additionally displaying a number of key rarity traits.

The big draw for the N2M NFTs is not in their 3D-designed stylish renders, but that each exquisite collectible will entitle its owner to a share in 40% of total platform profits. Additionally, it will provide access to N2M metaverse venues, partner discounts, airdrops, future whitelist spots and much more!

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More NFTs in the Pipeline

As the project builds up steam, N2M has scheduled two further NFT drops throughout the year, all before the official platform launch. Next up, in Q3, a brand-new collection of 5k collectibles will arrive on the scene, featuring two exclusive ultra-rare handmade non fungibles. Then, during Q4, another 2,500 NFTs will drop, with one exceptional item in their midst.

The Ins and Outs of the NFT2Metaverse Platform

N2M aims to get 2023 to a running start by launching its considerable platform in the new year, offering a tantalizing first month free to an army of creators, of which, it aims to accumulate 10k in its first 12 months. Should their endeavours prove lucrative, N2M will then ask for a $99 monthly subscription, which will help feed the rewards pool.

For their money, designers will receive access to an incredible suite of NFT management tools, which will essentially see N2M take on the burden of any administrative and technical duties. Therefore, freeing up the legion of artists to focus on creating, where they will then take home 90% of all sales connected to their wallet.

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No metaverse native company would be complete without a presence in the virtual world. So, to ensure ultimate accessibility, N2M will build a series of ‘embassies’ through a network of the biggest platforms in the industry. It will kick things off by setting up shop in Decentraland, The Sandbox, and Blocktopia, all before branching out further afield as it looks to dominate the metaverse.

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Source: https://nftplazas.com/earning-in-the-nft2metaverse-marketplace/

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