Earn Royalties for Life with Meta Rivals Amazing NFT Cards

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Over in the fighting pits of the open metaverse, a new era quietly dawns in the action-packed world of the arcade beat-em-up. Rumbling in the background, new battle lines are being drawn up, allegiances negotiated and strategies formulated. All leading up to an exciting crescendo, as the Web3 ecosystem bristles in anticipation for Meta Rivals’ no-holds-barred showdown in the blockchain arena.

Through its strategic gameplay, fans of the genre can deploy NFT characters based on their famous crypto currencies. Then battle to oblivion in a frantic, winner-takes-all punchfest of epic proportions to win boasting rights and epic tokenized prizes. This is all in addition to the powerful and innate royalty earning power of the Meta Rivals ‘Meta NFT Cards’.

Earn Royalties Forever on the Open NFT Market

For its debut entry into the state-of-the-art world of the nonfungible technology, Meta Rivals has something special brewing. To reward those loyal souls supporting the project from its humble beginnings, Meta Rivals has lined up lifetime royalties for the original holders of its NFTs.

Meaning, that until the end of time, that first owner will receive additional rewards every time their erstwhile NFT changes hands on the secondary market. This is designed to show appreciation for early support and allowing players to participate in the ongoing success of the game.

That’s not all however, as Meta NFT Cards come equipped with powerful in-game utility, providing those in possession with the power to deploy their own characters in the fighting platform and further enhance their overall performance on the Meta Rivals battleground. As such, Meta Rivals will launch up to 10k Meta NFT Cards soon via a public sale, so keep tabs on the project socials for more info.

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A New Chapter in the Tale of the Arcade Beat-Em-Up

Through its all-new take on one of the most enduring genres in the video game space, Meta Rivals intends to shake the industry to the core by bringing in a fresh new perspective that will enable gamers to own their very own digital assets and earn tangible rewards for their victories on the field of battle.

The capable team will launch their initial alpha game mode towards the end of the year, featuring classic PvP fighting mechanics. Before that, it will launch an additional open environment in 2023 to provide a highly immersive multiplayer world. Then it will explore a new direction that will enable AR/VR technology and partner it in a wild and frantic move-to-earn direction.

All in all, Meta Rivals has grand plans to take on the highly competitive world of beat em up video games, while allowing its early adopters to continually earn yield from NFTs until the end of time.

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