Drone Racing League Teases Metaverse Game – NFT Plazas

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When it comes to Metaverse gaming, Project Drone Galaxy from the Drone Racing League is perhaps one of the most anticipated. Due to debut on Algroland later this year, its first trailer has officially been released. 

The trailer shows a little of what is to come, with players being able to build their own drones and then compete for glory on the race track. 

The Incoming Game

Drone racing is already popular in its own right but the Drone Racing League is looking to take it to the next level. The incoming Project Drone Galaxy will feature top-notch and hyperrealistic visuals that will make the experience even more immersive. 

The trailer shows users exploring the Metaverse as their chosen avatars, navigating a colourful landscape full of twists and turns. Some of the obstacles to be avoided include giant fan blades and even other players’ weapons. Ultimately, players try to beat all these to be the first past the finish line.

The company is already known for being one of the most forward-thinking in the industry, holding both real-life and virtual events and it seems that it will be bringing this desire to push boundaries into its latest game. Given the reaction that the trailer alone has gotten, they might have something on their hands.

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