DJ Whoo Kid Partners with NFT Drop LLC to Launch Metaverse Wearables

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Pre-eminent disc spinner to the stars, DJ Whoo Kid, has signed a lucrative deal with NFT Drop LLC to bring his latest NEO NEO range of clothing and accessories to the non-fungible realm.

Through the deal, the masterful disc jockey will expand his horizons into the metaverse by pairing up the clothing and jewellery from his new NEO NEO merchandising line with digital NFT equivalents. Thereby, providing a welcome boost to his fan engagement opportunities and forming a presence in the metaverse.

This new non-fungible endeavour will work in partnership with newly launched platform, NFT Drop LLC. An intriguing new Web3 start up with a core focus on producing tangible NFT memorabilia. In a nutshell, NFT components backed by real world items and providing utility in both realms. The new line of exciting collectibles will arrive on the market throughout July and August. However, details of compatible metaverses are not confirmed.

DJ Whoo Kid has made a notable name for himself with partnerships with some of the biggest celebrities in the world. As such, rubbing collaborative shoulders with Snoop Dogg, Mike Tyson, Eminem and many more, while also remaining one of the few people on the planet who has DJ’d for world ambassador, Nelson Mandela!

Check out NFT Drop LLC >> Here

Image credit via: DJ Whoo Kid


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