Discover Love, Death and Robots Collectibles in NFT Scavenger Hunt

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As Netflix launches into its 3rd season of animated sci-fi epic, Love, Death and Robots, fans have a chance to take away their own digital keepsake. To complement the show, the team has set up a reality spanning interactive scavenger hunt with fine artwork to reward the most astute viewers.

Netflix has tasked fans with locating nine QR codes strewn throughout the Love, Death and Robots ecosystem. Hidden in the folds of its advertising campaign, social media accounts, and of course, the episodes themselves. Once discovered, the code will take finders to a specific web page where they can choose to mint a Love, Death and Robots artwork as an NFT. Or, alternatively, download and save it like a filthy casual. Each NFT comes free of charge, however, users must pay the gas fees.


— Love, Death + Robots (@lovedeathrobots) May 9, 2022

The latest season debuted on May 20 to almost universal critical acclaim. As a result, building upon its own unique take on animated storytelling. Each NFT therefore partners with a specific episode in the latest offering, providing a new and interactive method for fans to engage with the show.

So, get scavenging, and see how long it takes to find all nine. Or, you know, go full degen and pick one up on OpenSea.

Browse the collection >> Here


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