Dice Masters Brings Swords and Sorcery to Decentraland

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Decentraland has welcomed a spot high fantasy MMORPG action into the folds of its highly polished metaverse, playing host to the incredible Dice Masters action game, where fearsome folks can pit their mettle against a host of formidable foes.

Those looking for a little more action to their Decentraland experience, need look no further than Dice Masters. An incredible, fully-playable role-playing game built within the metaverse’s trusty framework. Within its sizable location, gamers can undertake quests, battle enemies, collect resources and craft in game items, all in addition to ridding the realm of the terrible poultry scourge.

All the action takes place in the magnificent realm of Antrom, where new players can speak with the king to embark on their mighty quest. Through their travels, adventurers will pit their skills against mighty foes such as pigs, chickens and the dreaded executioners, levelling up their characters as they dispatch a host of mighty adversaries.

On the way, gamers can collect resources by mining rocks, chopping trees and shaking down bushes. Then take their acquired components to make such items as swords, armour and potions. All the while, trying to clue together the fate of a mysteriously waylaid expedition. Those with a knack for adventure may make it onto the leaderboard and go down in history as a hero of the Dice Masters Realm!

Jump straight into the game >> Here

Source: https://nftplazas.com/dice-masters-decentraland/

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