Devs Sneak Lunar New Year Tokens into the Axie Ecosystem

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Eagle-eyed Web3 explorer, and apparent transaction enthusiast, Josh (JDHyper), made an interesting discovery while casually perusing the Ronin data records. Lurking in the code, he found five new token types, neatly hidden in the Axie Infinity land item contract.

After a little more digging, Josh located the names of these mysterious additions. First up was the animalistic “Tiger Plushie,” closely followed by Lucky Lantern, Blossom Tree, Traditional Snack Box, and Assorted Firecrackers. All represented as newly created land items for the Axie Infinity universe, marked “LNY1-5.”

1/ A little over 14hrs ago, 5 new token types were added to the Land Item Contract. In plain sight you can see the data for these…and it’s AMAZING

Let’s take a look at the alpha hidden in @AxieInfinity Ronin

— Josh (@JDHyper) January 11, 2022

So, what does all this mean? Well, February 1 sees the arrival of the Lunar New Year (LNY). This time around marking the year of the Tiger (plushie), while each of the other tokens fit nicely into this celebration, the biggest holiday in the world, thus providing Axie fans with a chance to acquire new adornments for their in-game real estate and additionally providing as yet unknown benefits to owners.

Put all of this together and Axie’s intentions are clear. They aim to celebrate the Lunar New Year in style. So, over the next few weeks, expect the team to ring in the (lunar) new year with a whole host of land tokens arriving in the Axie marketplace.


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