Derp Birds and Cornucopias partner for a new NFT project

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Cornucopias To Leverage Derp Birds’ NFT Minting Technology while building its metaverse. Rapidly expanding metaverse gaming studio, Cornucopias, Inc. announces the company’s formation of a strategic and technological partnership with Derp Birds, the community-focused gamified NFT project.

The Derp Bird Team’s innovative approach to community management. Their extensive and unpredictable roadmap, their nine crossovers. Which include Spacebudz, the upcoming PRED invasion, their Gingerbread rug pull rescue, community rewards for achievement system participants. Moreover the multi-sig technology the team has refined over three drops and 30k+ NFT mints, were all highlighted in the first draft of this announcement. The Derp Birds Team, on the other hand, has merely requested that the Cornucopias Team “just write Buff Hearts somewhere in the title, lol.”


Derp Bird’s ligns closely with our own corporate vision

While the Cornucopias Team does not encourage looking for “Buff Hearts” on work machines. We can say that Derp Bird’s focus on community. In addition technologically superior NFT minting logistics is very similar to our own company mission. Cornucopias is working to make our community, as well as members of the general public who are new to the metaverse gaming. Moreover NFT marketplace environments, have a seamless user-first experience.

“Cornucopias set out to design the best in class NFT delivery system”. Said Rob Greig, CEO and co-founder of Cornucopias, Inc. “We chose Derp Bird’s multi-sig technology and Web 3.0 wallet integration to support multiple Cornucopias NFT deliveries.”

Aside from blockchain latency, numerous wallet connectivity, and best-in-class user experience. Cornucopias’ in-house development team may focus on other facets of the gaming metaverse thanks to this partnership.

Derp Birds found a powerful ally

With Cornucopias, Derp Birds can take on AAA-level gaming challenges. As our rapidly expanding technology platform leverages the solutions we develop for Cornucopias across the whole Derp Bird saga. Along with other cardano projects,” says Dave “King Derp,” co-founder of Derp Birds. He smiles as he says, “It’s also sort of humorous to watch such a serious project having to shout ‘Derp’ over and over.”

It’s a natural development for NFTs to move beyond visual art and status flexes. It gives players a one-of-a-kind opportunity to interact with their digital assets in ways that were previously impossible.”


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