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Enter the energetic world of Spider Tanks and get the blood pumping and adrenaline racing. This innovative crypto-based multiplayer NFT game, developed by Gala Games and powered by the Ethereum blockchain, provides an immersive experience that captivates hardcore and casual gamers alike.

With fast-paced action, diverse gameplay options, and crypto-earning opportunities, Spider Tanks offers a unique gaming experience for everyone to enjoy – the brawl is on!

Exploring Spider Tanks History

Gala Games, the creative minds behind Spider Tanks – launched in August last year – have successfully integrated blockchain technology into the gaming world. Consequently, the blockchain-based play-to-earn (P2E) platform allows players incomparable opportunities to earn cryptocurrency – all while battling in an engaging virtual environment.

Spider Tanks is a testament to the ever-evolving gaming world and blockchain technology’s potential.

Unique Gameplay Features

Spider Tanks is user-friendly, offering a plethora of easy-to-follow gaming options for all walks of life. Players can hone their skills in the shooting range against bots using varied load-outs, host and join exhibition games, or challenge themselves in survival mode, which can get pretty tense! In addition, the garage feature allows users to equip weapons or abilities to be utilized in battle mode for securing advantageous rewards.

The garage feature is a big deal in the game. It is the hub for upgrading and customizing tanks’ weaponry and abilities. Gamers can create a unique battle machine with many options, such as repair drones, shields, cloaking devices, air strikes, teleportation, turrets, stun grenades, and more. One of the game’s most enjoyable aspects is experimenting with various combinations in the arena.

Navigating Around Spider Tanks

Spider Tanks boasts intuitive controls that fans of top-down games will find familiar. The Tank can quickly move using the keyboard keys (W, S, A, D), while the mouse controls the Tank’s rotation and firing distance. Mastering certain weapons requires skill and precision in distance control and aiming, however, the keys are easy to get the hang of. Moreover, all abilities have special cool-down rates and can easily be positioned using the number keys.

Emphasizing the need for skill in Spider Tanks, the battle gaming mode consists of a matchmaking system that assembles 3 v. 3 teams. To emerge victorious, players must dodge, retreat, fire, and attack at opportune moments to push the opposing teams back. Practical teamwork is necessary for ranking high in the  challenges.

Unlocking $SILK Tokens and Other Rewards

Winners can earn $SILK tokens (the game’s native token) with high performance-yielding rewards. Although the rank of a player’s Tank NFT determines their chance of earning $SILK, other ways exist to accumulate the in-game currency. For example, players can “rent out” their Tank to other users for 24 hours while partaking in the unique dropship mode and receive 50% of their earnings when someone wins with their vehicle.

Ultimate Impressions

Spider Tanks is a gripping, therefore, addictive game that is easy to learn for novice and active P2E players alike – although a little skill and on-the-spot thinking is necessary.

The game is continuously evolving, and provides the ability to personalize gameplay strategies with numerous capabilities for exciting experiences. Moreover, it constantly develops by adding new maps and modes to the mix, causing more players to return to the battlefield for tank-driven mayhem and to see what’s next.

Spider Tanks engaging and rewarding gaming experience plays a massive part in its popularity. As the gaming world continues to embrace blockchain technology and native cryptocurrencies, more exciting developments arise. But, for now, don’t miss out on this heart-pumping gaming adventure — join Spider Tanks today!

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