Def Squad Transcends the Physical with Metaverse-Ready Varsity Jacket

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Get ready for a reality-spanning dose of hip-hop nostalgia as the iconic Def Squad varsity jacket heads to Decentraland. Working in partnership with Web3 artisan, Dapphaus, Def Squad main man, Erick Sermon will launch his own set of stylish metaverse wearables.

Sitting at the forefront of entertainment technology, Erick looks to bring his unique blend of hip hop and fashion to the virtual world. Therefore, kicking off proceedings at 11pm UTC on May 6 with an epic virtual performance of the metaverse kind.

During the event, Sermon and Dapphaus will debut the GenEsis range of outrageous digital clothing to the rap-loving crowd. Each serving as an incredibly gateway to further the Def Squad virtual presence, including airdrops, incredible events and unlockable content.

I’m very excited to announce that the #DefSquad GenEsis Collection will be launching exclusively in the @Decentraland#metaverse this May 6th,

— Erick Sermon (@iAmErickSermon) April 5, 2022

Iconic Hip Hop Metaverse Memorabilia

All in all, innovative team will drop 5,000 GenEsis Varsity Jackets to the expecting masses via the Decentraland marketplace. Each featuring the original Def Squad logo and one of five available colour schemes. Once in possession, owners will then become members of an exclusive Def Squad club with a host of incredible benefits.

The first such wonderous perks will arrive sometime in June, when the project will airdrop holders an excellent snap back hat and fade, while the team has pledged continuous rewards throughout the lifecycle of the non-fungible endeavour.

In addition, Def Squad will also develop its own homage to all things hip hop in the shape of a grand HQ. Launching later this year, the imposing edifice will represent a place for fans and collectors to congregate and strut their stuff in their desirable Decentraland wearables. With the prized NFTs also providing gated access to a wide range of hip hop-themed activities and experiences.

Live in Decentraland

To celebrate the launch of the Def Squad GenEsis NFT collection, Erick Sermon himself will perform live in the metaverse, receiving additional backing from his own personal DJ, Diamond the Artist. At the event, metaverse dwellers can witness the rap legend perform in all his hip hop glory, as well as collect a POAP for attending, and of course, be present for the grand launch itself.

So, get ready for some high calibre metaverse entertainment, and head down to festival land at 11pm UTC on May 6.

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